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The Sierra Journey

Antonio Delrio Sierra truly began his journey as young man wanting to provide for his family. Growing up in the small and isolated Greytown, Kwazulu-Natal. Walking great distances from home to home selling a variety of biscuits, candy, cookbooks and scented candles amongst other things. Providing locals with goods on the outskirts of town. Building lasting relationships with clients he worked his way into bookkeeping for many of the local businesses. His motivation and perseverance brought him to Gauteng where he has established himself as a proficient manager for a sectional title management company.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Antoinio Sierra saw a growing need to provide the general public, small businesses with unique and innovative essential, promotional and gifting goods equal to that being provided to the much larger corporate entities. And so, Sierra Gifts & Goods was founded.



Giving of ourselves all the time, dedication, energy and our abilities to assist our customers to meet their requirements and needs.




Providing customers with unique and cost-effective goods that they would benefit from.






Our commitment to providing customers with the absolute best service and product quality at all times.




By treating all living beings with the same respect with which we would like to be treated. Respect is earned by giving it freely.




Providing the best service possible to our customers at all times and keeping to our promises of providing excellence in product and service.




By assisting our customers it is important to remain humble and appreciate their support as well as it is not just a business providing a service and goods but a partnership between customer and provider.



Our Vision

Sierra Gifts & Goods is not just another promotional company but rather a sole proprietor bringing the wonderful and creative world of gifting solutions to every household and small business. We aim to give all South Africans the opportunity to have access to unique and innovative gifts and goods at affordable prices, without having to settle for what they can find in the stores and shopping centres.

Sierra Gifts & Goods

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