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Who is Sierra Gifts & Goods?

Sierra [noun]: a range of mountains having a saw toothed appearance from a distance.

That’s us!

So much more than just a family name. Though we come in all shapes and sizes our hearts remain the same and we strive for excellence

Our purpose

Finding the right corporate, promotional, event gift or apparel might seem to many as an endless range of product mountains, but not for the Sierra’s, we have conquered them all!

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the summit to find fresh, innovative and where possible eco-friendly gifting and clothing solutions that will give our client’s brand, event or message the respect it deserves to stand out from the masses with its own unique fingerprint.


By thinking outside the proverbial gift box!

Gifting or apparel items should not just be any product that gets dumped on the recipient, but rather something special that will leave a lasting impression.

With each request we take the time to get to know each client and their unique industry. Understanding our client, their business or event and budget allows us to proactively source and propose solutions that would best suit their prospects and leave a lasting impact.

Fundamentally we offer our client’s the 3 U’s when putting forward product proposals:

Is the product


There’s no limit to the possibilities, with an extensive range of gifting goodies suited for every event, promotion or occasion. From generic products to known brand names like Slazenger, Barron, Kooshty, Andy Cartwright, Swiss Cougar, XD Design, Altitude, Alex Varga, Sally Williams to name but a few…

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Going Green is the future, we only have this beautiful planet.
It is up to us to preserve it in any way we can.

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Give in to the gift of taste…whether for a specific event or as a corporate gift SGG can offer a wide range of customizable delights sure to keep tongues wagging.

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Everyone immediately lights up when they receive a gift, no matter what it is, just receiving something from someone whether an individual or a company gives everyone a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Even more so when it is a hamper filled with a variety of goodies!

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Sierra Gifts & Goods takes pride in providing true zero THC free, certified products to the South African market.

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Anything is possible and any design can be accommodated whether in wood, perspex, domed or flat, simply advise us your design requirements and we will most definitely wow you with the results.

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We can custom-design and manufacture your own promotional product so that your brand really comes alive!

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